I was treated to a luxurious day in London last week by Patek Philippe and Winsor Bishop, Norfolk’s exclusive Patek Philippe agent, in celebration of the opening of The Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition. The beautiful exhibition in London’s Saatchi Gallery marks the 175th anniversary of the family-owned Patek Philippe, Genevan watchmakers who make the finest timepieces in the world.

First off, we were presented with a lavish meal. The first course was a delicious salad of English asparagus, violet artichokes and summer truffles, served with a side of French bread with scrumptious Echiré butter, tapenade, radishes & sea salt. The main course was even more decadent, with a fillet of Scottish salmon, olive oil mash, globe artichokes, green beans and gremolata. All truly delicious and filling, leaving us ready to explore the Patek Philippe Watch Art exhibition!

The exhibition, which runs from 27th May to 7th June in London’s renowned Saatchi Gallery, gave us access to over 400 exceptional Patek Philippe timepieces, spread over twenty-one incredible themed areas. A truly magical experience, indeed – we got to see more than 15 Royal timepieces from Patek Philippe’s own museum collection, and even one of Queen Elizabeth II’s beautiful timepieces, graciously loaned by Her Majesty for the exhibit.

To our delight, the expansive exhibit also featured an interactive room, where we got to interact with talented watchmakers demonstrating their unique and frankly awe- inspiring skill. Equally as fantastic and inspiring was the Rare Handcrafts room, where we saw professional gem setters, engravers, enamellers and engine tuning experts at work.

We also viewed the two special edition enamelled wristwatches on display, designed exclusively for the Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition, their creation inspired by the beautiful city of London – the Cloisonné enamel on one watch lighting up the infamous London Skyline, with the hour ring inspired by the numerals on Big Ben’s clock dial. The second is equally as stunning, although more sleek and sophisticated, featuring an intricate monochrome design of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and the Gherkin, perfectly displaying the skill and talent of Patel Philippe’s watchmakers.

However, the watch that stood out the most to us was Patek Philippe’s luxury Grandmaster Chime wrist-watch, created specifically for their 175th anniversary, and is undoubtedly one of the world’s most elaborate wristwatchers, and is remarkably also Patek Philippe’s first double-face wristwatch. This anniversary watch’s utmost complexity and ingenuity is reflected in its £2.2 million price tag, and from the detail and expertise of this wristwatch, it’s unsurprising. All in all, we had a more than fabulous day at the The Watch Art Patek Philippe Grand Exhibition, thanks to Patek Philippe and Winsor Bishop of Norwich. We really enjoyed our delicious lunch, and the Patek Philippe’s awe-inspiring watch artistry at the Saatchi Gallery. It was an experience we’ll never forget!