I live to Eat, rather than Eat to Live!

I’m one of those people who start to shake without eating every two hours! Food is always on my mind. I was brought up in a household of six. We had our set places and mine was near my Dad at the head of the table and opposite my big brother, so I had to fend my plate furiously, before their forks loomed in to take my food! That made me quite territorial about food, so I only share it if I absolutely love someone!

I really enjoy eating at home, where my husband is the most fabulous cook. We have an amazing vegetable and fruit garden. I also have my own free range Pekin Bantams and a brown hen so we are lucky with daily fresh eggs. My core objective is always to buy local. We have a great local ‘Barry the Butcher’ in Hingham. My favourite time of year is May when the Asparagus season dominates the menu!

Having worked on Portwood Asparagus Farm in Norfolk during my uni summer holidays it brings back happy memories. We have BBQ’s all year round, snow, rain or shine!

Going out is also big on my foodie agenda. Whether it’s eating out at the local pub, a curry house or a Michelin starred restaurant. I have loads of favourite places all over the world which I adore and tend to return to whenever I can.

After twenty years, I recently had my University Reunion, so travelled down with my old mates and the first place I wanted to return to was Captain Jaspers! It’s not an old shed anymore, but a posh enterprise! I was so pleased to dig my teeth into one of their famous hot dogs! I can’t tell you how happy that made me!

I enjoy cooking. However, since we had our kitchen refurbished by Bryan Turner, my husband took over the kitchen domain, so when I’m allowed, I tend to do my signature dishes which include all kinds of soup, Chilli Con Carne, Thai Green Curry and baking scones.

I look forward to bringing you lots of my personal insights into my world of food!