The perfect fit for any bag!

If you have gone through the agony of losing a bottle of perfume due to leaking atomizers then ladies – join the club.  Over the years, I must have lost at least a bottle’s worth of Tom Ford thanks to leaking atomizers resulting in only one thing – a gorgeous scented bag!

In short these atomizers were not serving their purpose; they were an epic fail and I was set on finding a quality alternative hence hours worth of extensive research resulting in stumbling upon the Sen7 atomizer.


Firstly, I was drawn to the design – similar I guess to a smooth pebble – it certainly beat the drone of the standard tube (and dare I say cheap looking) atomizers.  Then my OCD kicked in when I saw the color collection…..RED for Fendi, Grey for Tom Ford, Black for Chanel  … Yep – based on that thought I wanted the full color collection – also,  if you were heading off on holiday or a business trip then you could simply pop a couple of your favorite Sen7’s in your luggage as opposed to weighing down your suitcase with 2kg’s worth of glass bottles!

Not only does the Sen7 look attractive but it’s just the perfect size to pop into a clutch for the evening or in the critical day bag for both leisure and the business exec rushing from boardroom to bar.

sen7_Stoerer_Befuellung-300x277On purchasing I had a few teething issues which resulted in me contacting  Max Time Gmbh in Germany.  My issue was that I could not fill up the Sen7 without perfume spraying everywhere.  Within a few hours, I had a detailed reply from the MD himself Karl Kahler asking if I had opened the valve as per instructions… Needless to say being a girl who seldom looks at instructions it was a big fat no!  A turned valve later, my Sen7 was topped with Tobacco Vanille and still is – ZERO leakages!

The atomizer is 68mm*34 mm in size and 37g heavy and a volume of 5.8 ml. In summary sen7 is easy to carry, sensual, unisex, discreet and flight-compatible because it is TSA (transport security authority) approved.

7 classic colors: white, black, steel polished, steel brushed, gold brushed,  gun metal polished, gun metal brushed and copper brushed.

7 solid colors: red, pink, orange, green, turquoise, blue and purple.

2 sen7 rubber: black rubber and white rubber

No excuses for not smelling delectable… All you have to do is take a peek here