We are talking Degustabox where EVERY month a box of 10-15 products arrive on your doorstep to surprise and delight you.

For £12.99 per box you will have contents worth well in excess of that.

What is even better, Love To Eat To Travel readers will get a whopping £7.00 discount on your first box using the exclusive code 958WJ.  So your first box will be just £5.99.

In my Autumn Degustabox there were some lovely products, some I had heard of, some I hadn’t. This is the beauty of Degustabox, new things to try and new treats to fall in love with every month!

Autumn Degustabox

My Autumn Degustabox

I really enjoyed the ‘I Am Souper’ soup.  So far I’ve tried the SuperGreens soup.  You can tell it’s bursting with protein, the peas were not mushy and it was really tasty.  The great thing about this soup it does fill you up.   I definitely recommend this on a cold Autumnal day. Just £1.49 it comes in a box, not a bulky tin.


I’ve never come across the brand Hersey’s before and this Cookies ‘n’ Crème bar was a real delight. Its a twist on a classic combination, with crunchy cookies pieces and smooth crème.  I did manage to share this with my husband as it was quite large!  Just £1.00 for a little piece of heaven!


If you want a tasty snack on the go, but want it to be healthy, look no further than the Beloved Date Fruit Hearts.


This a new brand and I think they have got it spot on!  Beloved Date Hearts are made from 100% date fruit with a hint of natural flavouring.  Cold-pressed to retain all the benefits of whole fruit, they are gluten-free, suitable for vegans and1 of your 5 a day!  I really enjoyed these – so rather than reaching for packet of crisps, I went for the healthy option!

We had lots of fun tucking into the Maggi Fusian Noodles.  These new noodles are really easy to cook and ready in four minutes.  They are great for a quick lunch.  There’s Sweet Chilli and Aromatic Spiced Curry.  I just added prawns and spring onions to make it extra tasty. Two for £1.39.


Just perfect for Bonfire night are Levi Roots Smokey BBQ Coat ‘n Cook sauce.  Just £1, this sauce has big bold flavours to pour over chicken wings, fish or ribs.  Very tasty!!


My favourite surprise foodie item in this month’s box, was the Yushoi Snapea Rice Sticks.  They are baked and made from green peas!  Suprisingly good and very low in calories too.  £1.99 for a packet.  These are great to nibble on and offer to guest as a pre-dinner treat!


Just perfect for your kiddie’s dinner are these fun Heinz Kid’s Dry Pasta Shapes with the Pasta Sauce.  It’s the perfect partner for the pasta!  The bonus too – no added sugar or salt. The pasta is 50% whole wheat – so a healthy and fulfilling meal!  The pasta is £1.19 and the sauce is £1.55.




Fun and Healthy!

Here’s a thumbs up to the Heinz children’s pasta and sauce!





Lastly in this month’s box was the Pitch Choco Bar – brioche filled with a mini bar of milk chocolate.


They were very yummy – better warmed up with a hot chocolate!  £1.40.

And the Robinsons Squash’d Orange.  It’s super concentrated portable squash…This wasn’t my favourite thing and quite pricey at £2.49.


If you’re interested in trying Degustabox quote code ‘958WJ’ at the checkout and you’ll get a massive £7.00 off your first box! So that makes it just £5.99.

You can find Degustabox at their website www.degustabox.com, on Twitter (@DegustboxUK), on Instagram (Degustabox_UK) or on Facebook.


I was sent my Autumn box from Degustabox which includes my honest review of the products and affiliate links.