I have just returned from one of my all-time favourite destinations! South Africa is a country dear to my heart.  I love the scenery, the wildlife, the food and of course the people.  I have visited the country six times and I have just returned from a wonderful three night safari at Kuzuko Lodge, known as the ‘place of glory.’

TIP! Don’t go on a safari without the SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s CL Companion binoculars!

It’s built high upon a hill in a private BIG 5 reserve bordering the north part of the greater Addo Elephant National Park.  We had a wonderful lodge with a private veranda overlooking breathtaking views of the Karoo Veld.

My veranda with a view!

Each day there were two safari drives, (early morning and late afternoon) in a large open air 4×4 vehicle. The ride was often fast, bumpy and at times scary – there weren’t many concrete roads!

The wild animals we looked for included, lions, lionesses and cubs, monkeys, baboons, cheetah, water buffalo, giraffes, rhino, elephants, gazelle and springbok.

I was fortunate to be loaned a pair of SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s CL Companion binoculars.   These were a godsend and I wouldn’t recommend going on a safari or wildlife excursion without a pair.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s CL Companion binoculars.

Sometimes the animals were hard to spot and not in any immediate viewing distance, however, with these OPTIKS you could get excellent viewing with a remarkable 132-metre field of view in 8x magnification.

A very cool safari find! The Cheetah!

This means bringing the wildlife right up to your vision, which was fantastic when we managed to find the rhino happily roaming at a distance and when I needed to zoom in on the elephants feeding.

I also got a spectacular sight of the cheetah’s colouring and what felt like being close up to the lioness and her cubs which wouldn’t have been possible without them.

How adorable are these cubs?

The CL Companion binoculars guaranteed me excellent viewing comfort while on the move and they were lightweight and easy to pack.

My safari experience wouldn’t have been so enjoyable without them.

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For More Information about Kuzuko Lodge visit www.Kuzuko.com or email kuzuko@legacyhotels.co.za.

The nearest airport is Port Elizabeth, then a three hour drive to Addo.

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Thank you to SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s for the loan of your fabulous binoculars!