Estabulo Rodizio Bar & Grill has just opened at the Riverside Retail Park in Norwich. It’s an all-you-can-eat Brazilian restaurant.  This restaurant is the place to head to for the ultimate rodizio experience and its advisable to book if you would like a table at weekends.  

The exact origin of the rodizio style of service is unknown, but the traditional story is that this serving style was created when a waiter delivered a meat skewer to the wrong table by mistake but let the guest take a small piece of the meat anyway!

How it works

You pay a fixed price and waiters bring samples of food several times throughout the meal, until you signals that they you have had enough.

Once seated, we were offered to help ourselves from the salad bar where we were spoilt for choice.

At our table we were given green and red cards.  The green mat says, ‘Bring it on’ signalling the waiters to offer the different cuts of meat, that are skewered and have been traditionally cooked over open flames.

Servers came to our table with knives and a skewer on which there were speared various kinds of quality cuts of meat, including beef, pork, lamb and chicken.  The waiter carved off the meat and we were invited to take the cut for our plate.

When you’ve had enough or need a break, all you need to do is flip your mat to red for ‘no thank you!’


If you love beef, the choices are extensive.  It includes Alcatra, rump steak, Picanha, cap of rump steak, Maminha, bottom sirloin steak, Fillet Mignon, beef tenderloin, Garlic Picanha, cap of rump steak covered in garlic butter, Carne Com Chilli, beef in chilli oil, Bife de Lombo, sirloin steak and Fraldinha, beef skirt.


Barrigua da Porko, pork belly, Linguica, cured beef and pork sausage, Presunto, gammon.


Sobrecoxa de Frango, chicken thighs, Frango Com Tuchinho, chicken and bacon, Coracao de Frango, chicken hearts.

Lamb, Caneiro, seasoned tender lamb.

Each table receives a complimentary bowl of fries and extras include delicious hot pineapple, coated in sugar and cinnamon, that goes well with the pork, the fabulous skewers of garlic bread and decadent plates of chunky halloumi.


There’s an endless salad bar with a delicious choice of salads and dressing, rice and potatoes.  Options include the fisherman’s basket, rigatoni pasta and risotto. 


We particularly enjoyed the sugar-coated pineapple that was served with the meat course.  If you have room for a pudding, there are three delicious cheesecakes to choose from, Ferrero Rochet, lotus (made with Lotus biscuits) and white chocolate and orange. Try the triple berry crisp made with fresh berry, apple and cranberry, with crispy crumble and vanilla ice cream, sticky toffee pudding or a selection of vegan ice cream. Puddings are £6.29.


Estabulo has a fantastic bar, a great meeting place for meeting groups of friends.  It has an extensive wine list with an impressive list of Brazilian wines including Malbec. Bottles of wine are from £24.00.

We were impressed with the cocktail list and their emphasis on mocktails, a favourite was the Amazonia Mocktail, consisting of peach, passion fruit and lemon. Mocktails are £5.00, cocktails are from £8.50.

Meal Prices

Prices for Norwich Estabulo are £19.95 for lunchtimes and £29.95 for the evening menu which runs from 4PM.  Puddings are not included in the price.

We are looking forward to the launch of Estabulo’s festive menu in November.

How to Book

There are plenty of locations to choose from across the UK. Norwich to Wakefield, Doncaster, Harrogate, Barnsley, Beverley, Leeds, Darlington and York.