Since becoming a gym bunny I have really enjoyed listening to my music playlists and what’s more, listening to it with excellent quality Panasonic headphones.

It’s great, you can energise yourself and grab some precious ‘ME’ time, while listening to some cool tracks.

While I’m working out on the cross trainer my current album on the top of play list is ‘Written in Scars’ sung by the gorgeous Jack Savoretti.  It’s a varied album, great lyrics and a varied mix of songs and beats making for a fast, intermediate and slow down work-out!  It makes me feel great!

When I go running I play ‘my motivator’ play list to keep my energy levels up.  I love how music can be so inspiring in my fitness.  I especially enjoy the song ‘Flames’ by David Guetta & Sia.  That really is a good one to begin a run. ‘In My Blood’ by Shawn Mendes and ‘The Heat’ by JUNGLE are sublime.  Then I play Clean Bandit, ‘Real Love’ and ‘Symphony.’

I was on holiday in France this summer with family and friends and we each chose a track and added it to the France Hols 2018 playlist.  This is lovely to play and reminds me of a fantastic summer holiday by the pool and having fun!  Of course with different ages giving their choices, the music choices are quite eclectic from Texas, Meat Loaf and Aretha Franklin to Tears For Fears and John Legend!  While I’m chilling out, I’m listening to lots of Fleetwood Mac on my headphones as I’m going to see them in concert next year.  I’m hoping by then I will know all the words!

I was excited by The Greatest Showman movie.  I’m not a huge fan of musicals, however I loved this!  The music is phenomenal and has been one of the top albums on my playlist on Sunday afternoons for some time!

Music is such a personal thing, it’s a reminder of good times, sad times, people, love, memories.  It’s melancholy and inspirational.  We all love a good tune.

Happy listening! x