We all love surprises, don’t we? Whether its hubby coming home with a Clarins gift bag from Jarrolds (yes that happened to me only yesterday) *gloat*, an email from an old friend or a tax rebate! But what could be better than a surprise box of FOOD & DRINK?

We are talking Degustabox where EVERY month a box of 10-15 products arrive on your doorstep to surprise and delight you.

For £12.99 per box you will have contents worth well in excess of that. What is even better, Love To Eat To Travel readers will get a whopping £7.00 discount using the code BLDEG15. (Have you worked out you then get the box half price?).

In my first ever box, there were some great products, some I had heard of, some I hadn’t. This is the beauty of Degustabox, new things to try and new treats to fall in love with every month!

My September Degustabox arrived just in time for packing up my car picnic for my trip to Bath. There was something in the box to help the four hour journey whizz by!


My yummy ‘car picnic’

For my picnic I chose the two fabulous, fizzy, but naturally-made drinks called ‘CAPE.’  I really liked both the flavours, which contains the famous Rooibos from South Africa. Two tins are priced at £1.59.  The Emily Fruit Crisps (Crunchy Banana) were tasty and I love the ethos behind their brand.  We all need chocolate for a long journey, so the Metcalfe’s popcorn thins were a delight.  Really light popcorn with a lovely milk chocolate topping.  Yes – only £1.00.


The September Degustabox

In my ‘top two’ surprise products in this month’s box are the Teisseire Sirop, priced at £2.99. This is really fruity and not sickly like some can be.  It’s perfect with ice and water, so use it just like any other squash, but I guarantee you will enjoy it more!  The other product I love is the Beans.  You can eat them straight out of the tin or include them in a salad or soup.  I made a delicious Courgette, Cirio Borlotti Bean and Parmesan Soup. The beans added extra flavour and thickness.  They come in a pack of three for just £1.89.


Courgette, Cirio Borlotti Beans and Parmesan Soup

I tried the Chia Seeds in my normal smoothie – but made the fatal mistake of putting in the whole packet, which made the smoothie like porridge and gave me stomach cramps.  Next time I won’t be so frivolous / greedy.   I also at the Get Fruit bar, which was very tasty.

I enjoyed Mrs Crimble’s  Fusilli with sauce, priced at£1.99 and lastly the Hartley Jelly pots – which were not sadly not something I tried.  I’m not a huge jelly fan but I know someone who is!

If you’re interested in trying Degustabox quote code ‘BLDEG15’ at the checkout and you’ll get a massive £7.00 off your first box! So that makes it HALF PRICE.

You can find Degustabox at their website www.degustabox.com, on Twitter (@DegustboxUK), on Instagram (Degustabox_UK) or on Facebook.


I was sent my September box from Degustabox which includes my honest review of the products and affiliate links.