You’ve got a range of outdoor summer shows lined up this year, including a stop at Newmarket Racecourses – are you looking forward to these?

Oh yes I’m very excited about playing Newmarket – all the outdoor shows are wonderful. People are there to enjoy themselves, get merry and dance around! (whether it rains or shines)

Are you a racing fan? Have you visited the races before in your personal time? 

I always bet on the Grand National and tend to do pretty well! When I play at a racecourse one of the delights is placing some bets along with everyone else and trying to get a winner. 

How did the bet on the Grand National go? How did you go about picking the horse?

My horse came second! I just look at the names and then pretend I am physic and pick them at random. I always do an outsider as well in case it comes in and then I win come good money.

You’ve played racecourse shows before, how do these outdoor shows differ to your own tour dates?

It is a festival atmosphere. People come to the races for a good day out so they are always up for the concerts. It is great to perform for an audience who even before the show starts are having a fantastic day out.


Are you planning anything special for the Newmarket show? What can fans expect when they come to see you? 

I’m thinking of dressing as a jockey or a horse! Will be quite hard to sing as a horse but I think I can manage it. It also might get a bit hot but if the audience are happy I am happy (even if it means basically fainting while singing leave right now)

Have you visited Suffolk before in your own time?

Yes I go for wonderful walks in Suffolk. I had a friend who lives near Newmarket which was always a great weekend away.

What does your set list look like for the shows? Is it a mix of old and new songs?

It is a mix of old and new. I try to play all the hits or as many as I can. What is great is having a big catalogue of songs to choose from now. We also tend to do a new cover for the summer Gigs, so there will always be something not heard before.

Is there a particular song that you feel is a crowd favourite? 

I think leave right now is a favourite, and jealousy is always a good one to get the crowd going. everyone has their favourites though so you see the crowd react to each song which is lovely.

Do you have a favourite album that you’ve released, or song of yours that you have recorded?

I loved the first single ‘Jealousy’ from Echoes album, and promoting that was really fun. I also really enjoyed the whole creative process of the last record 85% Proof, it was a wonderful experience.

You’ve had success in many areas of the creative field, from being a recording artist, an actor, and combing these in musicals – is there a particular discipline you prefer? 

I do love acting. It differs so much from singing, in that I basically get told what to do, what to say and how to say it. So in that way I can relax and just concentrate on the job in hand. With music it is much more a business with so many different elements, which present different challenges.

You’ve been in the business for 15 years, how has the landscape changed since you first started? Do you think it’s easier or more difficult for an artist starting their career now? 

I think it is easier to start a career now as there are so many more avenues to get your music out there, but its also means there is a lot more competition. The Music business has changed, so much,  but the essential thing is still the music, and the songs and performing of them… and that will never change. Connecting to an audience is the most wonderful thing and I never tire from doing it. 

Thanks Will Young for taking the time out for Love To Eat To Travel! 

Here is the line up for the fantastic Newmarket Nights:-

  • 17-Jun-16        The Corrs
  • 24-Jun-16       Will Young
  • 15-Jul-16         Kaiser Chiefs
  • 22-Jul-16         Busted
  • 29-Jul-16         Tears for Fears
  • 05-Aug-16       Mark Ronson
  • 12-Aug-16       Jess Glynne
  • 27-Aug-16       Little Mix

For more information about Will Young at Newmarket Racecourses visit: Will Young at Newmarket.

Pricing for the family enclosure at Newmarket is £26pp, the Grandstand and Paddock is £35pp and the Premier Enclosure is £40pp.

(The Premier Enclosure is popular because it entitles you to the best facilities and fabulous views of the winning post).

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