make up brush

That is the question!

It’s a common dilemma – do you splurge on expert brushes, stock up on bargain brushes, or forgo them altogether? And there’s seemingly thousands of different choices, too – smudging, blending, fluffy, liner, application, crease, angled – and that’s just for your eyes! So, what’s the real answer here? Do we buy ourselves a make up brush or two?

Whilst everyone is different, we really do think you can’t beat the flawless application that comes with beauty brushes and tools – there wouldn’t be so many of them if they didn’t do a thing! And with the Christmas season coming up, they make perfect wishlist items, or even gifts for your loved ones! So here are our absolute favourite make up brushes and applicators!

  1. Beauty Blender – £16.00

    Pink-BB-2015-200x300Toted as ‘make-up’s best friend’, the beauty blender has more uses than just one – it serves as a foundation, concealer, highlighter, and contour applicator! Originally created for professionals, the beauty blender guarantees a high definition finish. The way it works is smart – just dampen the sponge and then put your chosen product on it. That way, the sponge will absorb less of your make up and you won’t have to use as much, leaving more make-up in the tube and more money in your purse! This one’s a no brainer, really.

  2. MAC 195 Concealer Brush – £20.00

    A concealer brush really is the best way to cover up those pesky flaws, and MAC is an obvious choice with this precise 195 concealer brush. The synthetic hairs stop the brush from soaking up all of that precious concealer, leaving more for your face. It’s flexible design also allows you to seamlessly blend your concealer into your foundation – another no brainer!

  3. image2-4-e1447601154874-225x300Real Techniques Expert Face Brush – £9.99

    If you’d rather stick to a brush than a sponge, the Real Techniques expert face brush is a great alternative to the beauty blender. The firm bristles create a flawless, full-coverage base, providing high definition results and a great roadmap for the rest of your make-up! – £9.99

  4. Bobbi Brown Eyeshadow Brush – £24.50

    Made from pony hairs to make you feel like an actual princess, this brush is perfect for a flawless eyeshadow application. It’s perfect for those of us who prefer using our fingertips – it’s sized and shaped to mimic your finger tip, and gives a more flawless finish! This one’s a basic, but it’s a must have in your brush collection. £24.50

  5. Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques 201 Pointed Crease – £12.00

    New from the people at Real Techniques, these beautifully bold metallic brushes will make you feel like royalty. We especially adore this pointed crease brush – it’s perfect for creating that classic smoky eye! Use a darker shadow with this brush in the corners and along the crease for a more defined and dramatic eye!

  6. SmashBox Angle Brow Brush #12 – £16.00

    We all know how a good brow job can change your whole face shape – that’s why we love this angled brow brush from SmashBox. Stiff-bristled and sharp, this brush will leave you with a flawlessly polished brow all day, whether you use powder or gel to fill in your ‘brows.

  7. SmashBox Arced Liner Brush #21 – £16.00

    The ergonomic design of this liner brush sets it apart from all the rest. We know how awkward it can be trying to apply gel eyeliner – we also know the crazy angles you make with your wrist trying to get it straight! This brush is bended oh-ever-so-slightly, giving you that perfect angle without the wrist pain. – £16.00

  8. EcoTools Bamboo Sheer Finishing Kabuki brush – £9.99

    image4-300x225This eco-friendly Kabuki brush is the perfect finishing tool for use with powder, blush or bronzer for a totally sheer finish, and can be used repeatedly to build up coverage if that’s more your style. Ultra-soft and cruelty free, we definitely recommend this one!

  9. CHARLOTTE TILBURY Powder & sculpt brush – £35.00

    Perfect for sculpting that perfect jawline and sharp cheekbones you’ve always wanted, this Charlotte Tilbury powder & sculpt brush is ideal for shaping your face. The pointed tip gives you extreme precision to make your features pop! £35.00

  10. Laura Mercier Smudge Brush – £20.50

    If you’re really into your smoky eyes, then this Laura Mercier smudge brush goes perfectly with the Bold Metals crease brush to add further depth and definition along the lash line. Another basic, this brush is perfect for blending and smudging eye liner to create a smoky and sultry line. – £20.50