We Brits are a nation of tea drinkers! “Put the kettle on!”  is a frequent phrase in my household and it always was when I was growing up!  Endless cups of tea being made while we were putting the world to rights, crying over annoying boyfriends, laughing with friends and family with cakes and scones flowing!

Tea has simply always been there. What is it that makes it so heart-warming? According to the UK Tea and Infusions Association, Britons drink 165 million cups of tea daily with the major producers from China, India and Kenya.

So just in time for Afternoon Tea Week (8th -16th August), I was asked to try a range of interesting and different teas by The Tea Makers of London.  I’m not adverse to builder’s tea, in-fact I love Yorkshire Tea and Typhoo, but sometimes it’s nice to take some ‘tasty’ tea out of the cupboard when you’re in the mood for a treat – with a yummy homemade scone or biscuit!

Having discussed my preferences with the lovely lady from The Tea Makers of London, I have been trying over the past couple of weeks Taiwanese Milk Oolong, Luxury Vanilla Rooibos, Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Artisan Flowering Tea Bulbs. All of the teas come packaged in smart black boxes, wrapped in foil to keep the tea triunes fresh.  Actually this is very convenient over loose leaf tea, which tends to be a little messy and not as easy to keep fresh.

range of teaFirst thing in the morning, the Taiwanese Milk Oolong tea really hit the mark. The tea triunes actually smell milky – it’s most unusual.  I didn’t use any milk, so you really get the full creamy flavour and robust smell. I really like this tea, it’s very unusual and is perfect for a nice start to the day!

I fell in love with Rooibos tea when I went to South Africa years ago! The Tea Makers offers a luxury vanilla flavour.  Rooibos is only grown in a small area of South Africa and has extremely high health benefits. Not only does this tea taste great, but it’s actually good for you!  It’s full of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium and potassium.

The Jasmine Dragon Pearls are little round balls of fun. They actually look like little pearls. They bobble around in their lovely silky triune – then when dunked in the water, they blossom and expand to release all the lovely intense flowery flavours and a champagne coloured tea.  Grown in the Fujian Province of China the Dragon Pearl tea is created by hand rolling specially plucked silver velvety shoots into little tea balls which are then naturally scented with fresh aromatic jasmine flowers.

If you’re hosting an afternoon tea party, then on your wish list should be the Flowering Tea Bulbs and a clear glass teapot. Once the little bulb has been stepped in the teapot for a minute at 90 degrees or so, the bulb blossoms emulating into a beautiful flower!    This tea is also handmade by combining the highest grade Green Tea with delicate flowers!  It’s so beautiful and they certainly have the wow-factor!

How to Buy:

To view the range of teas and buy online visit The Tea Makers of London or call 01322 284 923.


Luxury Vanilla Rooibos £5.95 (15 triunes per box)

Jasmine Dragon Pearls £7.95   (15 triunes per box)

Milk Oolong £6.75 (15 triunes per box)

Flowering Tea Bulbs £7.95 (5 bulbs per box)

The glass teapot is sold as part of the flowering tea gift set for £29.95 with 10 bulbs or separately for £19.95.

Delivery is free over £25.

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Thank you to The Tea Makers of London for my wonderful range of teas to try! xx