Move over Louboutin, hello Regina! With a relaxed but sophisticated character, this boot quickly became our feet’s new best friend. Blurring the line between smart and casual we predict it will be the instant favorite of everyone who looks for style and indisputable quality. In fact, we can’t stop raving about them!

Modern classics, relaxed high-end; you can label them many things but what they truly are is Fairfax & Favor – two childhood friends with an impeccable eye for detail who make footwear premium and even more so by saving us the the detached perhaps pretentious attitude you’d expect from a typical affluent brand. So you might as well look at them as creators of confident luxury.

Felix and Marcus, the two founders (who are just utterly fabulous!), have known each other since they were 15 but it wasn’t until later when working in Felix’s godfather’s shoe company sparked their motivation to go solo.

“We pooled our savings, flew out to Spain and ordered as many pairs of shoes as we could from the factory which would become the producer of our boots. It was one of the most nerve-wracking but fulfilling things we’ve ever done!”


A signature Fairfax & Favor trait is to be an attainable and versatile luxury – the great thing about the shoes is that the classic, timeless styles mean that they can be worn just as easily for a drink at the pub as a busy working day in the city. When asked about who their audience is and what type of a person would be sporting in a pair of Fairfax & Favor, they add:

“We are so lucky to have a strong following and the most brilliant customers within the equestrian world”

Fairfax & Favor are people-centric and admit to source their ideas from their customers. They will often take prototypes to the many races and shows they attend each year and listen to what people have to say about the designs. Being present on venues such as the Royal Windsor Horse Show or the Rockingham International Horse Triais, among many other, also serves as a wonderful outfit spotting tool. Yes, the boys look for inspiration in the best places imaginable, and that’s not magazines or media references.

Charmingly unapologetic but nevertheless accurate. Fairfax & Favor do their own thing and it means starting from scratch with their own ideas and, whenever necessary, passing through several prototypes before achieving that impeccable final design. Long-story short, what they do is:



“Shoes for life” – Marcus

“Quality, timeless, heritage.” – Felix

The footwear designs evolve from some of the duo’s first ever ideas that are continuously upgraded. The Regina boot is probably their most recognizable look – the founders admit that it was the subject of the most testing and tweaks. Recently the new waterproof boot and their first handbag became fine additions to the brand’s almost capsule range.

With such a careful selection one would assume it’s hard to have a single beloved piece, in a can’t-have-a-favorite-child manner of thinking… but the founders confess to a weakness for the Heeled Regina Boot.

“For us it is the Regina” – a product of evolution keeping up with the brand’s level of quality, and incredibly well received by their customers.


Both Marcus and Felix have a good eye for women’s fashion and by association their products work beautifully in combination with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Gucci or Phillip Lim. You shouldn’t feel limited by our suggestions though – these boots compliment a variety of styles so you are safe to experiment. As for Marcus and Felix fashion-wise, outside work we would see them in their usual office-smart attire. The added perk of running a business like Fairfax & Favor is how easy it is to guess the footware (pun intended).

Where do these chaps hang out? Felix’s family own a pub called the Bedingfeld Arms in Norfolk which is the most likely haunt for the two in their free time. And again we can confirm that the Bedingfield Arms is simply the perfect choice for drinks or food with amazing service thrown in! In short we just love what these guys are doing and they deserve all the success in the world – not an ego in sight – just beautiful boots, handbags, shoes and personalities! On top of this the delivery of boots is even slicker than Net-A-Porters plus you receive a hand written thank you card… Nice touch which just makes us give off another cheer!

Looking back to the days when a pop-up tent at a local show in Holkham was where Fairfax & Favor debut took place, it is safe to say things have moved on. At the crisp age of only 24, the founders keep their eyes on the road.

“We have huge ambition and want to be up there amongst the great luxury footwear companies and to be recognised as one ourself”


Fuelled by the ability to keep on growing, Fairfax & Favor’s philosophy is defined by a motto that couldn’t fit them better:

From Acorns to Oaktrees …. Apparently it’s a long story!”

Until then, we’ll be tottering along in our ‘Royal Blue’ Regina’s  to the beat of the boys’ current playlist faves:

Ca plane pour moi (Plastic Bertrand)

The entirety of Adele’s new album

Running (Beyonce)

Or the occasional Taylor Swift on the radio

We have a feeling that Fairfax & Favor are going to be winning a number of hearts over the next few years – time to extend the Christmas List ladies?  Click here to order girls and boys… you won’t be disappointed! 

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