Food lovers will definitely get a kick out of the gastronomic specialties of Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur.  It combines the best of French regional cuisine! The inland farms produce delicious ingredients and top quality livestock to satisfy the most demanding palates.

To discover the region, car hire is recommended.  Hire a luxury car through online services that will help you to choose the ideal vehicle for your road trip from Cannes across the region so that you can enjoy the best of the countryside and the coast, with scenic views and natural havens like lush forests, beaches and more. Rent a Cabrio or Mercedes and travel in style to discover the regional treasures of France.

In Cannes you can pick up some culinary skills at the private class hosted by La Serviette Blanche, a popular restaurant which will teach you to prepare a three course meal and choose the right ingredients from the local markets; it also holds classes for children who may aspire to become professional chefs as a future career. Learn about traditional olive pressing methods and the history of olive cultivation and processing at Le Vieux Mulin a Huille du Partègal in La Farlède (the Old Partègal Oil Windmill), where you can taste and buy the oil produce directly from the mill. At Marseille you will have an opportunity to sample the delicate exotic creations of Alexandre Mazzia’s Michelin-star restaurant; with colourful ingredients blended together to form a true and exotic top-quality dining experience for all guests. Surprises abound here, from biscotti covered with bright vegetables to salmon served with pineapples and miso, the restaurant lives up to its reputation as an unexpected gastronomic experience full of discovery.

If you love truffles, then France is the place to be. The Les Pastras Truffle Tour in Cadenet provides a unique experience to relish in the delicacies of this organic farm; at this plantation you will learn to hunt for truffles, gain insight into the history and legends associated with this famous fungi, and on how they are processed and prepared before sampling the produce and whisking away with some samples of your own to prepare back home. In Haute-Provence, at the Glaces Scaramouche in the lovely village of Cèreste, you will have an occasion to experiment with home-made ice-creams.

This parlour hidden in the hills is a haven for ice-cream fans who can lounge in the cafè or outside in the outdoor area and sample the delicacies of this organic ice cream farm, cooling off from the heat with a wide variety of ice-creams, sorbets, and milkshakes. For wine enthusiasts, Wine in Provence specializes in guided tours through various locations where you can delight in the exceptional wines of the region, taking you to wine cellars and wine-making facilities for wine-sampling excursions where you can observe the production process from start to finish. The fun experience of stomping on the grapes in big barrels is also another unforgettable adventure you may not want to miss out on.