Gadget fashion heaven!

KT and Pra are far from Gadget Gurus – although we are getting better!

However, there are a few Gadgets we just LOVE, and are now part of our day to day lives. Check these out…!

Track your Luggage

Panic every time you are at the airport waiting for your luggage to turn up?  No need to spray paint your case or ruin your stylish luggage by overdoing the multi coloured ribbon.  Simply opt for Track Dot – it will track your luggage anywhere in the world!  With all of our travels, this has become our ultimate saviour!

MAIN-IMAGE-VPP-004-PS-3-300x300Yep, we’ve suffered from this one so many times!  You know how it goes… Head out for drinks, lose friends, and then the phone dies!  But we’ve got the solution – no more pain with the very discreet Pebble Smart Stick! And, no more hefty battery packs or mobile charges resembling small bricks!  Needless to say, we are happy with this stylish and clutch-bag-friendly option.

The New Getto Blaster – The Creative Woof

What used to be a picnic on the beach, armed with a 3kg Getto Blaster has now moved swiftly over to this genius piece of technology – The Creative Woof. The Creative Woof is perfect: you simply connect via bluetooth, choose your favourite tune, and the rest is history.  And the quality is perfect – an absolute must have, and pretty sleek too.

Whistle key finder

It happens to the best of us, and probably at the most inconvenient times, so stress no further. Complicated?  No… simply pucker up, whistle, and the key finder will beep you all the way to finding those lost keys!

JML-light-up-mirror-300x300Of course, this is an essential item. We’ve tried the iPhone mirrors but it doesn’t shine a light to the JML compact led light up mirror (with tweezers, which is pretty handy)!

Pocket Selfie Stick

Finally, we’ve found a user friendly Selfie Stick – no more tottering around with your clutch and oversized selfie stick, this pocket click stick measures up at a very acceptable 17cm with integrated with a button for you to simply smile, and snap!

Cordless Travel Hair Straightener

No need to panic anymore if the heavens open or humidity increases. Wherever in the world you are, you can keep those locks kink-free with these fabulous Babyliss cordless hair irons.  We’ve thrashed our ones to bits – admittedly not as good as the GHDs, but they really do fix potential hair crises wherever we may be so we are happy with that!

FitBit Flex Disguisers

TB_12155921_005-e1436186527386-300x197We love our FitBits but have up until now have had to try and disguise them as, after all, the idea of a pretty plain rubber wristband rubbing against your Monica Vinader friendship bracelet simply doesn’t work. Now, the wonderful Tory Burch came on the scene with the new metal hinged bracelets to bring your FitBit to life.

Check out the Rose Gold Metal Hinged bracelet – we now wear our FitBits with pride!

Let us know about some zany wonderful gadgets you may have and we will spread the love via