Mel Jenkinson of Glow Organics

If you’re frustrated with your skin and don’t know what to do anymore, then we might just have what you’ve been frantically searching for in Boots and Superdrug.

Trust me, you won’t find it there.

Mel Jenkinson, a make-up artist based in Brighton, believes that nature provides everything we need without pumping artificial chemicals into our body and make-up products and slathering it on our bodies. So she thought up Glow Organic.

All-products_02-300x225“I really love Zao’s eyeshadows. It’s surprising to see such pigmentation in organic eyeshadows and lipsticks, but Zao have nailed it with their eyeshadows. They have really bright colours.”

So why organic? Is there a difference?

“It came from having issues with my own skin, like adult acne – especially with my job, bad skin and doing other peoples’ make-up don’t really work!

Orange-Blossom-Balm_01-225x300So I started looking into the ingredients in products, and chose more natural products.”

I tried a couple of the products: Living Nature’s Skin Minis (a cleanser, toning gel, and day cream), and Botanicals Beautiful Hands Anti-Aging Serum, and their Orange Blossom Body Balm. It’s obvious that these are very different from mainstream products, but they seem to be rich in nutrients, extremely nourishing, and lack that artificial smell that comes with their high-street equivalent.

Mel lives with her partner, Nick, in Brighton, growing up only half an hour away in Horsham. It’s there that her love of make-up began.

“I was always obsessed with make-up from a young age: I was always sticking my fingers in my mum’s face cream and trying on her lipsticks! In school, I was into art and photography, doing photoshoots with my friend.”

It’s her mum who was probably the most influential in her journey to become a make-up artist: “After college, I didn’t know what to do with my life. My mum said, “Well, what are your hobbies?” and I said make-up, so I went down that root.”

Beautiful-Hands-Serum_01-225x300She also wants to offer a personalised, bespoke experience for attendees of her workshops: “Working freelance, I’ve realised a lot of women love make-up – they just don’t really know how to use it. Beauty counters, like MAC, give lessons but I don’t feel like it’s a personal experience.

My workshops are designed so that a person can get a really personal experience for their make-up.”

“That’s what I enjoy most about my job – working with people, teaching and educating them.”

Kate was given products to trail for this blog.


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