Now that we’re officially in the month of Christmas, it’s more than acceptable to dress your home for the festive season! We’ve got the perfect list of lighting, wreaths, home decorations, and decorations for your Christmas table! So, stick on that Michael Buble album and get shopping! Here are some ideas from me on how to get the party started!


  1. John Lewis Crystal Deer Head 140LED Christmas Light, Warm White – £60.00

    234420161alt2-300x300Deers are an obvious animal to include in your Christmas decorations – growing up with Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Rudolph (and the rest), it would feel wrong not to represent Santa’s sleigh-pullers in our homes at Christmas!

  2. 5ft Outdoor Lit Tree – £75.00

    Forget about the tree inside – it’s all about the tree outside! This outdoor tree is bound to make your neighbours stop and stare in awe – and probably you, too!

  3. John Lewis White Noel Battery Operated Sign, Warm White – £20.00

    234489296alt2-300x300Christmas with a modern twist, we love this gorgeous Noel lighted sign that is sure to give a contemporary edge to our Christmas decoration this year.

  4. Rudolph Felt Novelty Lights – £8.00

    Our inner-children absolutely love these cute novelty Rudolph lights – he’s our favourite Reindeer! We’ll let his nose guide our celebrations this year.

  5. 11cce5aa4f005056ae7405-300x300Konstsmide 5 Warm White Snowflake Light Set – £33.99

    These lights are simple yet elegant, we think. They add a little extra pow-wow to the room without being overbearing or in your face – a definite must!

Candles & Christmas Scents

  1. John Lewis Snowdrift Christmas Tree Candle, Medium, White – £8.00

    We think these adorable Christmas Tree candles are elegant – perfect for winding down with a bit of Christmas TV in the evening after Christmas dinner!

  2. Mandarin, Clove & Cinnamon Large Tree Scented Candle – £25.00

    HT_05_T27_8320_B4_X_EC_0-231x300These go perfectly with the white Christmas tree candles from John Lewis, and smell wonderful too. Pair these for the perfect Christmas night (a glass of mulled wine or adult eggnog wouldn’t go amiss, either!)

  3. Winter Scented Lidded Filled Candle – £15.00

    Looking for something a little less ostentatious? These adorably subtle Christmas candles are for you.

  4. Yankee Candle 12 Voltive House – £22.99

    We absolutely love Yankee Candle – how could we leave them out?! Our candle list wouldn’t be complete without their spot-on scents. We’re excited for the 12 days of Christmas just so we can smell a new Voltive each day – mark us excited!

  5. il_570xN.400046429_3mcn-300x200Milk and Cookies Candle Set – £Undefined

    This quirky candle set is perfect for the cheesy Christmas lovers out there (including us!). Although we’re not so sure Santa would be so pleased with this waxy substitute!


  1. John Lewis Midwinter Red Berry & Blackberry Wreath – £28.00

    This wreath from John Lewis is an absolute classic! Perfect for beautiful wooden doors.

  2. HT_05_T21_7114B_ZZ_X_EC_0-231x300All That Glitters Christmas Wreath – £15.00

    Slightly more contemporary, this beautiful white-glitter wreath will give the impression of frost and snow, even if there is none!

  3. LED Gem Wreath – £39.50

    859-456s-200x300Even more modern, this LED Gem Wreath pairs perfectly with the Noel light sign. A match made in heaven!

  4.  Lit Copper Effect Bauble Garland – £25.00

    A little more traditional but still with a light element, this beautiful copper-coloured bauble garland is a sight for sore eyes when returning home on those long Winter days.

  5. il_570xN.675939122_7tft-300x225Christmas Sheet Music Wreath – £14.99

    Quirky but cool, this handmade wreath is made with sheet music from Christmas songs – we love this idea! This one will really make your door stand out from the crowd (but maybe you should hang this one indoors!).

Table Decorations

  1. Kissing Stags Tealight Holder – £69.00

    These stags are elegant, and double as tealight holders. We can’t wait to place these on our table for Christmas dinner – we think they’re wonderful!

  2. il_570xN.612598415_ln83-300x200Rustic Wooden Centerpiece – £30.66

    Wonderful for the country Christmas table, this Rustic Wooden Centerpiece is simple but beautiful.

  3. 234426448-300x3004 Tabletop Trees – £4.00

    We think these tabletop trees would look fantastic plotted inbetween various bowls of delicious Christmas roast potatoes, vegetables, and meat! Bring the outdoors inside with these small but gorgeous trees.

  4. Villeroy & Boch Toy`S Delight Christmas Bowl – £15.90

    Perfect for after dinner mints, or a few naughty Christmas sweets – a must have (you might also want a willing husband to refill)!

  5. Christmas Wooden Box Centerpiece – £25.89

    Another simple but gorgeous centerpiece!

About the House

  1. HT_05_T40_8100C_NC_X_EC_0-231x3001.5ft Red Berry Lit Tree in Hessian Sack – £25.00

    We think this lovely little tree will create a nice glow to nod off to in the afternoon!

  2. Ceramic Town Scene with Snow – £12.00

    Whose Christmas decorations are complete without a snow-fallen town? Not ours, that’s for sure – we love this ceramic version!

  3. 660-529s-e1449076141249-300x256Set of 12 Champagne Hearts – £5.00

    These baubles are beautiful – Christmas is all about love, after all. Show the love with these tiny hearts on your tree!

  4. Wedgwood Mansion Snow Globe – £72.95

    This luxurious Snow Globe is absolutely stunning – the perfect piece for your mantel or window ledge. We want one, or five…

  5. il_570xN.876409480_h0z2-238x300Christmas Jar Snowglobes – £23.85

    A little more kitschy and affordable but no less adorable, these snowglobes are perfect for a family home.