Did you know over 9 million women in the UK suffer from pelvic floor weakness?

When Kate Winslet openly admitted ‘by third sneeze, it’s game over’ on Graham Norton’s chat show, sales rocketed of DiaryDoll, a pioneering range of pretty clever pants – and the brainchild of TV presenter Carol Smillie and former British Number One tennis player Annabel Croft.  

Well done ladies on your new venture!

Both with teenage daughters dealing with their monthly cycle, they originally developed the range for young women who might be worried about heavy periods whilst at school, playing sport and sleepovers. They definitely serve a great purpose for this but also stress incontinence (which an estimated 1 in 3 women suffer with), during / post-maternity and SUI, commonly known as ‘sensitive bladder’, or ‘pelvic floor weakness.’
DiaryDoll are range of protective underwear with a concealed waterproof layer which offers girls and women that extra peace of mind and comfort.
Just like any other pants in the drawer, they are soft, comfortable and machine washable. The waterproof layer is so discreet it won’t be seen under lycra sports clothing or leggings so, with DiaryDoll, you can go about your everyday life without worry.
They retail at £14.95 each and now available in black, white, pink and blue online and in 122 Boots stores across the UK.
The famous duo sold over 400 pairs in eight minutes on QVC and are available in Debenhams, John Lewis and pharmacies across the world.
Check out their pretty range at www.DiaryDoll.com and follow their story on Twitter @DiaryDoll.
Anything that makes women and girls’ lives easier can only be a bonus!
Rock on! xx