Take a road trip in the mountains of Sicily and you won’t be disappointed…

One of the lesser known areas of Sicily is the Nebrodi mountain range. This unique natural environment has stayed relatively hidden from the masses of tourists who visit the island every year. For the more adventurous traveler it presents a great off road vacation challenge that will reward you with breathtaking views of mountains, hills, and valleys. To enjoy the local atmosphere, you could rent a villa in Sicily via online platforms like Wishsicily.com and travel to the range from there, a sort of base camp for your Sicilian adventure!

To start it is great to rent a car or motorino, or if you are truly adventurous you can make it a hiking trip. Either way it is a spectacular area in Sicily. You can drive up from Catania around the southwestern side of Mt. Etna. When you get to the mountain range there are many paths you could follow but one of the best is the Portella Femmina Morta Miraglia which leads to the highest peak on the range called Monte Soro. Along this path you will see incredible lakes and wooded areas inhabited by wild horses. This is the type of magical trip you will experience in this area! From the peak you can see Mt. Etna and the Aeolian islands making it a truly breathtaking view. Some of the lakes that are worth a visit are Lago Biviere and Lago Ancipa. Here there are great hiking and mountain biking trails to explore.

sicily road trip

The best part about the mountain range is that there are many paths to follow and it is fun to just explore and take chances. An overgrown path may lead to a picturesque village untouched by time or a pristine lake you have to swim in all to yourself! The villages in the region are known to have incredible cuisine and quaint churches, some even date back to the 11th century from the Norman conquest. Nebrodi is a hidden wonder waiting to be explored and is arguably the most beautiful natural area in all of Sicily.