A practical quirky cafe... Grab a bite to eat whilst doing your laundry!

We love a good café, but sometimes they all blend into one and we fancy something a little different, and that’s where these fantastically quirky cafes come in. Located all around the world, these fabulous cafes are some of our favourites, offering a reprieve from the sometimes-sameness of regular cafes!

The Window Coffee – Norwich, UK

KT & Pra love this tiny café in Norwich – it boasts being the smallest coffee shop in the world, and we certainly think it’s a strong contender for the title.

Laundromat-300x200Laundromat Café – Copenhagen, Denmark

This brilliantly quirky little Laundromat-come-café in Copenhagen is the definition of random. Originally opening in Copenhagen, they went on to open three more stories, all offering homemade food, cakes, juices, milkshakes, coffee, tea, wine, and around 40 kinds of beer (excuse us whilst we take a deep breath!). A great idea – what’s more boring than laundry? Grab a cup of coffee while you wait!

DSC8291_1-300x199Blindekuh – Zurich, Switzerland

You may have seen these kind of restaurants and cafes in popular films, but Blindekuh in Zurich boasts being the world’s first! As you may have guessed, this restaurant is completely in the dark – offering a special dining experience but more importantly valuable work to blind and partially-sighed people! Definitely one for the bucket list.

IMG_4304-2-copy-300x202JANE Motorcycles – Brooklyn, NY, USA

This unbelievably slick motorcycle shop-come-café is the epitome of cool. Located in New York’s Brooklyn, on Wythe Avenue, JANE Motorcycles offers its patrons delicious coffee and motorcycle gear and parts – worth a visit even if you don’t ride a motorbike!

Lady-Dinah_01-200x300Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium – London, UK

If you love cats, then this is the purrrr-fect quirky cafe for you! A brilliantly British atmosphere, Lady Dinah’s is the first cat café in London. Its cool-as-a-cucumber residents are sure to make you feel de-stressed and calm with their naturally aloof personalities. Brilliant for a quick snuggle and a bite to eat after a visit to the Brick Lane Markets!

Big Baobab – Limpopo, South Africa

Located in Limpopo in South Africa, Big Baobab is like nothing we’ve ever seen before! It’s the stuff of childhood daydreams – a bar located inside a tree trunk! How cool! Baobab trees become hollow when they reach around 1000 years old, and in this case it results in a wonderful space for a bar – they boast this is the biggest Baobab in the world. We want to go!

We hope you enjoyed our pick of quirky cafes around the world! Where’s your favourite cafe? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!