Want to know our top beauty secrets?

Whilst we absolutely adore beauty, we know it can be a real struggle to get along with sometimes (even for those of us who are really experienced!), so we’ve got some top tips on how to make your daily routines a little easier on you, and your skin! Because we’re just so good like that.

Living Nature’s Skin Minis

Skin-Minis_01-300x225We mentioned these before when we spoke to Mel Jenkinson about her pop-up shop Glow Organic, and after using these as part of our everyday skin routine we’re hooked! Our skin is super soft and blemish free, and the best part is they’re all natural! A definite number one to start off our make-up routine.

Skin Primer

We loooove this Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base – not only does it moisturise the skin, it acts as a primer too – and a good primer is the secret to a flawless foundation coverage, especially if you have dry patches on your skin. We recommend using this before your foundation to get a flawless coverage and keep your skin soft as a baby’s!

Eyebrow Threading

This is a superb alternative to waxing! It’s more sanitary, there’s no heat or harsh chemicals, and best of all, it gives a clean, precise line which looks super natural! This is great following a new-found love of natural products – waxing can cause some acne-like bumps because of the product used, and irritate the skin. Whilst it might take slightly longer, we think it’s definitely worth it!


If you’re one of those who prefers to shave rather than wax, then we’ve got a top tip for you: make sure you shave towards the end of your shower rather than at the very start. The hot water opens up your pores and makes the hair softer, making for a smoother, closer shave. Also be sure to exfoliate before you shave – that gets rid of the dead skin cells that could clog up your razor (ick!). We love Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator as the man for the job!

Dewy Skin

We know allllll too well that a busy lifestyle can take its toll on you sleep – and, as a consequence, your skin! Awful. So, instead of piling on the foundation, we prefer to opt for a light, dewy coverage – we love Bourjois’ 10 Hour Sleep Effect foundation! Enriched with high levels of vitamins and minerals, it creates a rejuvenated complexion. Excellent for those nights when you’ve stayed up a little late doing work (or with that glass of wine you shouldn’t have had…)!

Cold Blast

A quick rinse with cold water at the end of your shower will do wonders for your hair’s shine – hot water damages the hair, so give it a quick blast with the cold setting to get that glossy hair from those L’Oreal commercials! Also, give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a fortnight for added bounce and health! We love Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle!

Longer-Lasting Mani

6958367776_00ef501012_b-274x300When painting your own nails, we know it can often be really frustrating when they chip after the first day! So, to combat this, apply your top coat as normal but before you pop it away, swish a line of the top coat across the top of your nail! This seals the edge and stops your pesky pointers from chipping. Voila!


We hope these tips have helped you to navigate the battlefield of beauty! Send us your favourite beauty secrets on Twitter and Facebook!