The month of September is a lovely month to visit Greece. The weather is starting to get a little chillier in the UK, but in Greece it’s still lovely and warm.  So for some late summer sun, find your inner peace in this beautiful country. From luxury spas to mindful outdoor activities to nourishing food for the body and soul, here are the three best ways to fulfilment and wellbeing in Crete and Corfu.

1. Relax in the best Greek spas

Imagine how it would feel to be pampered in an ancient Greek temple. Make things easy by combining pure comfort hotel stay with revitalising spa therapies.

In Crete, the Amirandes’ Elixir Alchemy Spa welcomes you to a journey of self- realisation with the Ayurveda experience. Here, the mantra for health and happiness honours your individuality so your true nature can blossom.

Try the Elakkizhi treatment for one of the most relaxing and refreshing massages you can enjoy. This head-to-toe massage uses aromatic oils and roasted tea bags to improve circulation, soothe aching muscles, lubricate joints and strengthen the spine.

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary for the senses at Corfu Imperial’s Elixir Beauty Spa. Try the Ancient Spirit Elixir for slimming, body toning and revitalisation. Inspired by ancient beauty secrets, this full-body Elixir relieves stress, combats insomnia and protects against sunburn. In this treatment, a sea salt scrub exfoliates and cleanses your pores. Then, a sea mud body wrap restores your PH balance and reconditions your skin. Finally, a caviar extract body mask moisturizes, tones and firms your skin so it’s smooth and radiant.

If a laid-back approach is more your style, look no further than the brand-new Hippie Spa at the White Palace luxury resort, in Crete. With its three tenets of relaxation, style and personalisation, this spa spoils you from head to toe. Before soaking up the sun, be sure to try the Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub, which uses rich oils and body milks to make your skin soft and radiant.

2. Revitalise your mind

Life is full of stressors that cause imbalance. So make good use of Ayurveda wisdom, and let yourself enjoy experiences that revitalise your mind. Also at Amirandes, you can take part in a wellbeing programme inspired by Ayurvedic practices such as Dhara, Abhyangam, Navarakizhi, Shirodhara. These ancient practices help to relieve nervousness, anxiety, insomnia and depression.

Nearby, in White Palace, you can start or end the day with Sunrise or Sunset Yoga, or go for a power walk around town with a personal trainer who will teach you as much about local customs as breathing techniques.

In fact, walking and hiking are a great remedy for stress. It’s no coincidence that Crete is a top mountaineering destination and part of the E4 European long distance path. Hike pristine landscapes and prepare your mind for the wonders you’ll come across, including ancient settlements, villages and monasteries that reveal the island’s fascinating past.

In Corfu, you can stroll along the cobbled streets of Danilia Village, where you’ll be transported in time back to the 1930s. Only Grecotel guests have access to this charming village and they can also enjoy another experience that is perfect to clear your mind: sailing the crystal-clear waters of the Ionian seas in their private yacht.

Grecotel’s private yacht

3. Nourish your body for better wellbeing

While you treat your mind to some much-needed TLC, don’t forget to do the same for your body. Among the many variations of the Mediterranean diet, Crete’s cuisine reigns supreme with a combination of nutrients, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids that provide long-lasting health benefits.

Due to its gentle climate, Crete nurtures a landscape full of nutritious indigenous horta (wild greens) and olive trees. The combination of Cretan olive oil, fresh fruits and vegetables contributes to the longevity of the island’s inhabitants.

On warm summer days, the open markets of Crete overflow with local treasures, from velvety cheeses, selected meats and fresh seafood to plump tomatoes, juicy oranges and aromatic herbs. These ingredients make up the core of the Cretan diet and provide dietary fibre and essential vitamins.

Grecotel’s organic food

But the best place to really live the wholesome Cretan lifestyle is Agreco Farm, which produces all of Creta’s most typical products organically. You can visit it or it can come to you, as they distribute to all Grecotel hotels in the island, including Amirandes. At breakfast, for example, you can make the most of a buffet of freshly-baked breads, home-cured meats, cheeses, yoghurts, cereals, jams and many other locally-sourced foods. Or have it your way with made-to-order egg dishes.

Complete your body cleanse with the Relax and Distress packages combining sauna, body scrub, body & head relax massage and facial treatments. The packages also offer therapies such as the holistic detox body treatment with active marine ingredients such as algae and phytoplankton, along with a specially designed blend of essential oils. 


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