Why wedges are a girl’s best friend.  We have all been there. You plan to go out for dinner with your girlfriends and after a couple of bottles of wine you decide that the night is still young, why not go dancing?! Then you glance down at your feet and realise that you’re wearing flats. Pra had this very nightmare recently hence this heart felt blog towards the delectable wedge!

Now for the average-height female this doesn’t pose too much of a problem, but for a short girl it is nothing short of Armageddon! Why? Well to quote the phrase spoken by couples with huge height differences about how they manage to have sex, “we are all the same size lying down”. Well this pretty much applies to sitting in restaurants too, but it when it comes to hitting a bar or a club it is a whole different playing field. If we walk in our favourite Tory Burch flats and are surrounded by leggy beauties whose perky breasts are perfectly at our eye level, well let’s just say we feel frumpy and dumpy, and way shorter than 5ft3 and a half (and that half is very important!). A good pair of heels can completely change our posture, elongating our legs and giving them a sleeker appearance, and damn it we want that sleek silhouette!

I realised that if I was going to embrace the spontaneity of life, then my feet needed to be as prepared as my head and heart! This is where wedges come in. They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Well I can tell you now, that wedges are absolutely a short girl’s best friend.

So what’s steaming hot ready for an AMEX purchase? 

Wedges-Jimmy-Choo-Notion-300x300Take for example the Jimmy Choo Notion, a fantastic contemporary wedge shoe that combines style and utility. With an amazing 5  inch heel and 1.6 inch platform, it has a unique and chic silhouette yet the chunky foot and ankle straps make them comfortable and easy to wear. Suitable to wear with anything from a kaftan to a killer bodycon dress, these are the ultimate in versatility for any short girl. These are utterly on our extensive Christmas Wish List!




jimmy-choo-perfume-wedges-200x300I also love the Jimmy Choo Perfume wedges. The favourites in my personal collection, these lightweight and slip on shoes go with everything. Despite having a 4.7 inch heel and a 1.2 inch platform, they are incredibly comfortable to wear and even have a rubber sole so I stay on my feet even after a bottle of bubbles or two! Wear with skinny jeans to mini skirt – you choose!







And of course  a comfy pair of neutral wedges is a  necessity at work rolling conveniently into after work drinks.   Look at Tory Burch Amanda leather-trimmed canvas pump wedges.   Ideal choice from office to bar.



Way more comfy than heels and totally versatile, from a picnic on the beach to the opening of the hottest bar in town, a great pair of wedges can rock any occasion.

Long live the Wedge!  Why wedges are a girl’s best friend REALLY!