A photograph of us having fun on top a dune.

Dubai is amazing but if you want to get out of the air conditioned buildings speak to a company called ‘Beyond the Dunes’ for adventure in the desert.

car in the dunes

Dune Bashing in this 4×4

We wanted to explore the dunes, get close and personal with camels, and dine on Arabian cuisine under the vast starry sky.   Luckily my lovely friend Pra came upon Ahid and his fabulous company ‘Beyond the Dunes desert’ experience.

The price was considerably higher than other desert trips on offer, but having read Ahid’s gleaming reviews on Trip Advisor plus knowing that he was the sought after Operator for Singers and Movie Stars visiting the Sandcastle the decision had been made.  Ahid-3-300x200

Ahid made a massive impression on all of us and in 40 minutes we were savoring the beautiful landscapes of ‘7 Exquisite Desert Sands’, bashing the dunes in a luxe 4×4 followed by a sunset stop – the perfect way to not only clink a complimentary glass of champagne (care of Ahid) whilst star jumping off the dunes for the Kodak memories.

After the ride was over, we’ve switched to dune to hump and continued to roam the desert on camel back.

kate on a camel

Kate & William in the desert on a very pretty camel!


kate in the dunesDinner-in-the-Desert-300x200

 Ahid and his team made this “our night” and a true night to remember. Beyond the Dunes is a mesmerizing experience everyone should indulge in. A pure luxury in the heart of the desert – a must do after summer.


The trip was paid for and it was around £400 per person which included transport, camel rides, food and drinks under the stars.