Father’s Day is fast approaching (21st June, for those of you who just went into a blind panic), and everybody knows dad’s a bit harder to buy for than mum. So, what can you do? Well, fear not, as here’s our round-up of the best Father’s Day gifts from Etsy, a worldwide market place for often handmade, usually original items – the perfect place to search for that special Father’s Day gift!

Wooden Dock and Charging Station- £21.51Tsing_iPhone_and_Accesories_Stand_Item_01-300x237

Whilst its primary function is a dock and charging station for your dad’s phone (optimistically a smartphone, but some dads just can’t let go of those 90’s brick phones), it also has separate areas to house change and a wallet, grooves and divots to hang accessories like watches and bracelets, and can even be personalised! Handmade from bamboo, this is a great, practical gift that any dad would be proud to have on his desk, we’re sure. Plus, the personalised touch makes it heartfelt, too. A brilliant all-rounder!


Personalised ChePersonalised_Cheeseboard_Set_Item_02-300x225

Is your dad a cheese’n’biscuits kinda guy? Great, then this Hevea Wood Cheeseboard and Knives set will be right up his street. You can customise the cheeseboard with a message to give it that extra sentimental edge, or simply leave it blank – it’s up to you – and it comes with four different cheese knives. Whether you engrave it or not, we think this is bound to be a winner this Father’s Day!


Match 3 Razor with Wood Box – Limited Edition – £30.92


Looking for a really unique gift? If your dad shaves, then this Father’s Day limited edition shaving set is absolutely perfect. Packaged in a handsome wood grain box, which can feature a customised for the old man inside the lid, the set comes with a Gillette Match 3 razor (handy for refills, and can also be monogrammed with a single initial. Customisation madness!), a shave brush and a stand with a dish to hold the two. A perfectly unique gift to keep your dad clean shaven!



Natural, Vegan Wash Set – £14.79Men_Gift_Set_Natural_Soaps_Vegan_Item_04-300x289

Is your dad concerned about the environment, a vegetarian/vegan, or just likes to keep himself in tip-top condition? Then we think this natural, vegan wash set might be perfect. It contains two handmade soaps, one Activated Charcoal and one Ginseng (both of which are gentle on skin), and a 100% cotton, handmade crochet washcloth. We think this one’s perfect for those big softies out there (and we know they’re out there!).


Personalised LeLeather_Journal_Personalised_Item_05-e1434460855432-300x238

Is your dad very sentimental? Then perhaps this personalised leather journal would suit him best. Pocket-sized, and with the option to engrave the front and back covers with whatever font and message you want at no extra charge, this is a great gift that your dad can carry around with him. It even has a small picture holder on the journal tie – we think it’s the perfect place to pop a picture of you and dad! With around 80 blank pages to write whatever he wants, this is a great gift for the more book-ish dad.


All of these great gifts from Etsy have a personalised, homemade touch, and we think any one of them would be a great gift for Father’s Day! So, what are you waiting for?