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It is very common to have our patients ask us about exercise. We all know that exercise is important along with nutrition and proper life management. When it comes down to take home assignments regarding activity, here is what we recommend:-

  1. Walking – though this seems very basic, it is the best and purest form of natural exercise. We recommend patients target 150 minutes a week of moderate walking. This can be done inside on a treadmill, walking around inside the house, or outside in the park. We want them to walk at a pace where they can comfortably carry on a conversation, which is in the moderate heart rate zone. This will assist them with targeting excess fat breakdown.
  2. Body squats – this often neglected movement is at the top of our list regarding resistance training. Body squats can be done using a simple modification, if needed, by using a chair. In this case, the patient will simply sit down and stand up. This will eventually progress to full body squats in the open air. We encourage patients to go to pain but never through pain. Resistance, such as holding dumbbells or even barbells, will progress over time.
  3. Push-ups – despite where a person is in upper body strength, push-ups can be accomplished easily through a series of progressions. Depending on the strength, a person may begin a push-up program by simply leaning against a wall. This can eventually progress to leaning against a countertop before finally moving to the floor. On the floor, patients can begin by doing the push-up movement on the knees. As you can guess, this exercise can be progressed indefinitely
  4. Planks – this is a great core exercise. Proper, and strict form, is required. We instruct the patient to hold a straight plank for 15 seconds to begin. Over time the plank position can be held for a longer period as the patient’s core strength increases. Eventually we give them instruction on how to do side planks, which are much more difficult.

These four basic exercises are generally easy to do for the majority of our patient population.

We have seen tremendous results in both strength and body composition improvement by employing these simple strategies.

Dr Mark Sherwood, Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Dr Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) who have a full-time wellness-based medical practice in Tulsa, called the Functional Medical Institute where they adopt a whole person approach, which is outcome based looking at each individual’s unique needs.

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