Summer is finally here – and like me, you’re probably in total shock that you can finally get out the summer wardrobe and plan typical summer days out and have BBQ’s!

This weather has arrived just in time for the school summer holidays and what better way to spend time with your friends and family than a good old fashioned picnic?

Here are some top picnic picks which are fun and useful!

What better way to have food anywhere you want than this BBQ Toolbox?  Even I could use this!  It’s a versatile and mobile bit of kit and only costs £69.99 from The Foundry.  Perfect for an impromptu picnic in locations that will allow!  Don’t forget to be fire safe guys!BBQ picnic box

Next up is my all time favourite! Le Big Sac Inflatable Lounger is the grooviest ‘instant’ sofa.  It’s rip proof too – so you don’t have to worry about looking uncool when it deflates while you’re sunbathing!  Apparently it’s small enough to slide into your backpack too!  #IWantOne.  Le Big Sac £44.99 from The Foundry.

 le big sac

Accessorise, spiralise, realise! This set has a classic citrus press, as well as a slicer and kiwi reamer attachments, so you have versatility to make a flavor combination that really zings! I think it’s perfect for a refreshing drink – that’s if you’re not busy drinking Pimms! This product is pretty nifty and would make a nice summer pressie for friends. It’s £19.99 from Root 7.

Citrus zinger

Lastly – if you’re like me you like walking on the sand, but you don’t want to sunbathe in the stuff! And if you’re having a picnic the last thing you want to eat is grainy food!  So, I’m loving this ‘invention!’  The Lagu Sand Repellent Beach Blanket is an innovative eco blanket which dries your beach bod in seconds and the sand-resistant material makes sure you leave all the grainy stuff where you found it.  It comes in orange, blue, green and yellow. Let me know if it works! it costs £29.99 from The Foundry.

sand towel