Are you getting enough vitamin D?

While we may think we’re getting enough of the sunshine vitamin (I’ve certainly love dozing off in the sun), it turns out that a fifth of us aren’t getting enough – which contradicts what we’re bombarded with about not staying out in the sun to avoid damaging our delicate skin. So, what can we do? 

So, how can we max our up on Vitamin D without damaging our precious skin and moving to the equator?

Well, fear not. It’s pretty simple.

It’s good to know that a bit of fat helps your body to absorb vitamin D (as well as others like A, E, and K). Adding something like butter or extra virgin olive oil to your veggies is a great way to do this – (no need to feel guilty anymore!).  Eating oily fish and eggs are a good way of gaining Vitamin D into your diet.

Sadly for you city dwellers, you’re probably getting less than those living in the countryside. Worse still, those with  office jobs or those who work the graveyard shift are even more likely to have a deficiency.

If getting out and about is hard for you and your lifestyle, there are a number of supplements you can take to help boost your stocks – all available in high street stores like Boots.

Don’t overdo the Vitamin D though.  Excessive intake of this sunshine vitamin can damage your kidneys and also cause your body to remove calcium from your bones and subsequently weaken them over time. So, don’t go crazy on the supplements.

Also remember to keep your skin safe in the sun, like I talked about before! Getting your vitamin D fill should be safe and healthy – that’s the point of it, after all!